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Development Process and Science

Where neuroscience meets nature

The goal – to develop the best cognitive enhancement supplement and support people in their quest to be more productive, in short, to do more.

The focus – to target the areas of the brain that impact focus, memory, and mental energy, while mitigating feelings of stress.

The formula – the result of a thorough and exhaustive review, by our experts, of over 400 research papers from around the globe, to identify and select premium, plant-based ingredients, based on their mechanisms of action, and research-proven efficacy, and the highest quality.

The production – a premier U.S. manufacturer fully compliant with cGMP regulations was selected, to ensure conformity to the highest quality standards.

The ResultPRYMD Q+, Formulated for efficacy, manufactured for quality, to give you confidence.

Scientific Papers

Team of experts, shared passion, common purpose

Dr. Meyer, Dr. Dominic and Professor Stough have assembled a team of expert research scientists, who share a passion – the pursuit of optimal cognitive function. Their purpose is to develop premium, plant based nutritional supplements that support people in performing at their cognitive best, everyday.