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Improving Lives.
One Bottle at a Time.

For every bottle of Q+™ sold, PRYMD will fund an entire year of micronutrients to a child in need.


Help us overcome micronutrient deficiency in developing nations.


Improving human performance is a luxury available to only some of us.  That’s why PRYMD continues to embark on an important initiative to fight against micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries, by providing essential vitamins to those who need them most.

PRYMD works in collaboration with Vitamin Angels to address this issue. With PRYMD’s One-For-All initiative, we’ve created a unique program that is committed to fighting micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries by providing essential vitamins to those who need it most.


Every bottle counts

When you purchase a month’s supply of Q+™ By PRYMD™, you will also be providing a child with a whole year’s worth/supply of vitamins and minerals – crucial for healthy growth and development, including optimal cognitive performance. Pay the PRYMD experience forward!


Micronutrient deficiency explained

You may have had days when you felt hungry or under the weather. But imagine having that issue as an adult or child every single day–without even knowing it. Individuals suffering from undernutrition may exhibit few, if any, visible symptoms, especially when caused by a lack of micronutrients. This is why undernutrition is sometimes called “hidden hunger.” Children under five and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are the most vulnerable to undernutrition caused by a lack of micronutrients. In order to support a child’s rapidly developing body and mind, a regular supply of nutritious foods is vital. Even though staple foods can provide enough calories, these foods often do not provide sufficient nutrients an individual needs for optimal growth and development.

Undernutrition often passes from one generation to the next. In addition to preventing the healthy growth and development of an infant’s body and mind, poor nutrition during pregnancy can threaten the life of the baby. Poorly nourished mothers give birth to children who are unable to reach their full potential, and thus continue the cycle with their own children.

How big is this issue?

Each year, nearly 3 million children under the age of five die of causes attributable to undernutrition.* Children who are undernourished are more susceptible to illness and infection, and have a much more difficult time recovering when they do become sick. Additionally, when children suffer from undernutrition during the first 1,000 days of life, it can result in stunted growth. Stunting is associated with irreversible, compromised cognitive performance—which in turn can reduce a child’s ability to perform well in school and at work later in life.


*Statistics from the UNICEF website, updated in February of 2017 (http://data.unicef.org/topic/nutrition/malnutrition/#)


What we can do

While the world seeks to push beyond the ceiling of what is possible, we so often forget that we must raise the floor too. Micronutrient deficiencies are a global health problem that can be solved with low cost, high impact solutions.