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We're here for the journey. Not the destination.


(Primed verb: to prepare or make ready for a particular purpose or operation.)

(Prime noun: the period or state of greatest perfection or vigor of human life.)


Many of us started on this path a number of years ago by taking any practical steps we could muster in order to enhance our professional lives, starting with how well we care for our ability to think. Or more precisely, our cognitive abilities. From coffee and diet, to reading books and magazine articles, to education and podcasts, to music and exercise, morning routines and meditation. And while there is overwhelming scientific evidence that all of these things play a role for some of us, there are still many more who are looking for an edge.

Enter PRYMD Labs.

We started PRYMD as an idea: To become the premier health and lifestyle company that would reinvent cognitive performance for an expanding number of growth-minded adults who wanted a clinically tested, plant-based solution that worked in accordance with their own body chemistry – not hype.

Through a unique combination of analysis, collaboration, sourcing, and commercialization of a range of high-quality nutraceutical products, in addition to the promotion of a lifestyle brand that’s both interactive and accessible to an expanding number of researchers and professionals, we’re here to take positive action to help redefine the industry to ensure that plant-based approaches will continue to play an influential role in the future of human potential. In practical terms, to create the most natural form of cognitive enhancement for a growing population that needs and wants a plant-based alternative to the gimmicky, high-priced, and over-hyped supplements on the market today.

And our approach is causing people to take notice.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
— Victor Frankl

The Team

PRYMD is comprised of a dedicated team of Medical Doctors, Neuroscientists and performance enthusiasts who are all driven to helping you become the best version of you to push the limits of achievement. Combining decades of experience, our team continues to innovate through a range of ultra-premium, safe and effective nutraceutical products for the discerning consumer, aimed at improving cognitive performance.
  • Dr Jös Meyer

    Founder & CEO
    Dr Jös Meyer is a medical doctor and CEO of PRYMD Labs. He additionally holds a clinical research bachelors, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Western Australia Business School.
  • Prof Con Stough

    Chief Scientist
    Prof. Con Stough is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at Swinburne University’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, and Director of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine Collaborative Centre for the study of natural medicine on neurocognition. He is an international expert in clinical trials relating to cognition and intelligence and was appointed to the scientific advisory panel of the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR). He also sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Intelligence and has recently served as an expert member of the Psychology and Neuroscience Panel of WEF.
  • Dr David Dominic

    Founder & COO
    Dr David Dominic is a medical doctor and COO of PRYMD Labs. He is published in the field of neuroscience, and also holds a science degree majoring in human anatomy, pathology and physiology.
  • Mr Sebastian Aguiar

    Scientific Advisory Board
    Mr Aguiar is a Fulbright Research fellow and MSc candidate in molecular neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. Previously he was a molecular biologist at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He holds a B.A. (hons) in Human Biology from Pitzer College and is a subject matter expert on nootropic neuropharmacology.
  • Mr Andrea Zangara

    Scientific Advisory Board
    Andrea Zangara holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master degree in Phytotherapy and is an adjunct research fellow at the University of Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology. He is an associate member of the Medicinal Plants Research Group at Newcastle University, a member of the Expert Group on Plant-based Ingredients & Cognitive Performance at ILSI Europe and of the Expert Group on Complementary Medicines at the Italian Society of Applied Pharmacology.
  • Jonathan Daniel

    Founder & CFO
    Operational Team
  • Nathaniel Snow

    Product Innovation Manager
    Operational Team
  • Eric Ron

    Research & Development Manager
    Operational Team

For every bottle of Q+™ sold, PRYMD will fund an entire year of micronutrients to a child in need.

Improving human performance is a luxury available to only some of us. That’s why PRYMD continues to embark on an important initiative to fight against micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries, by providing essential vitamins to those who need them most.
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