The evolution of PRYMD™

In today’s world, we are all using our brains more. The fast-paced, interconnected world in which we work and live, generates vast amounts of information, from an increasing number of sources. To be at our most productive and effective, and to make the most of each part of our professional and personal lives, we need to access, understand, analyze, and prioritize, the information we need – then react and make good decisions – fast.

A number of years ago, a few of us challenged ourselves to take practical steps to enhance our pursuit of living more healthful lives, taking care of our bodies, and in particular, our brains – our cognitive functions, and ability to think. To develop our skills, we paid attention to our nutrition, exercise, rest, meditation, and education.

After enjoying good personal progress, we decided we could do more, and so founded PRYMD Labs. to share our success with others.

Primed (verb): prepared or ready for a particular purpose or operation.
Prime (noun): the period or state of greatest perfection or vigor of human life.

We brought together leading neuroscientists, medical professionals, and business people, who shared our passion, with the purpose of helping people to reach their cognitive best, through 3 primary initiatives:

Provide the best brain nutrition

We all know that for our bodies to perform at their peak, we must pay attention to our diet and nutrition. It is the same for our brains. To achieve our goal we needed to help people by developing the best brain supplements (best cognitive supplements), containing premium, research-supported ingredients that provide essential nutrition to key target areas of brain function. The result is our first (but not last) product, PRYMD Q+, which we believe is the best nootropic made exclusively from plant extracts.

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Develop the “go-to” on-line destination for the latest information on all things cognitive.

For those who want more, our blog is a repository of thought-leading articles, information, and programs across 4 broad categories – Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, and Lifestyle.

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Give back, from the beginning, every day

Not everyone has the resources to obtain the best nutrition – but everyone deserves it. With each Jar of PRYMD Q+ you buy, a donation is made that provides a one year supply of the vital micronutrient, Vitamin A, to a child in a developing country.

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The Founders
Dr. Jos Meyer, Dr. David Dominic, and Jonathan Daniel